Supporting Professional Women in Building

Supporting PWB is an opportunity to invest in the growth and success of women in the building industry. By donating to PWB, individuals and businesses can help provide resources for professional development, networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for women in the industry. Donations can also go towards supporting civic and educational projects and raising awareness of governmental issues affecting the industry. Overall, supporting PWB is a way to help increase the number of women in the industry and promote diversity and inclusion.

Donating to PWB

Support Professional Women in Building by donating to the PWB Council today. Your donation helps provide scholarships to Women entering or enrolled in building-related fields and supports the Council’s efforts to promote and protect the building industry in North Idaho. Join us in creating opportunities for women in the industry to connect, grow, and succeed.

Why donate? By donating to the PWB Council, you are investing in the future of the building industry and supporting the growth and success of women in the field. Your donation goes directly towards providing scholarships to women pursuing building-related programs, as well as supporting the Council’s community outreach and advocacy efforts.

How to donate: To donate, simply visit our website and click on the “Donate” button on the PWB Council page. You can choose from several different donation amounts, starting as low as $25.